The one who owns the stick: an interview with Alaxis Andreas G.

What was your main inspiration when you were young? What kind of music, idea, or activities shaped your personality? And who/what is important to you today?

Drawing was my principal interest. I liked to tell fantastic and epic stories to my brothers and friends… I knew how to give different colours to the words and shared magical moments with my audience. Drawing and writing are the same thing. They depend on the line made by the one who owns the feather. I loved the heroes who are called to become King at the end of the story…And I always strongly believed in it. The Forest was my main inspiration. I often imagined a small Celtic village that was attacked by enemies, strangers, creatures… I defended my wife, my family but often I died …and came back again and again! I played alone for hours and hours with my wooden sword or my precious stick. I always loved the sticks. And my last name, Gand, has a Nordic origin: Gandulf. It means the “one who owns the stick”! …meaning “the pastor”, of course. And it’s funny to know that J. R. R. Tolkien (who was a linguist and an initiated man) has been inspired by this name to create his well-known magician and pastor: Gandalf!


Concerning music, I discovered the German band Kraftwerk when I was very young! My father had the vinyl records. It was so strange! All these abstract sounds! Some years later, when I was 12 years old, I probably discovered my second source of inspiration: John Carpenter. In my mind, Kraftwerk and Carpenter were the perfect composers for the stories I created and drew.

At this period, I spent my time in my parents’ garage to record my first tapes! Today, what is important to me is the recall of all these things that makes them still present and tangible! My values are still the same! Nothing has changed. The forms change with the ages, not what is behind. Nature, Poetry, Wild Life, heroes and God… and the iscellaneous useful stories told by “the Ancient” like a unique testimony (always the same weft behind the “mask”!), for the Recall of everyone, for the Return to the Source “Mimir” (according to the Nordic tradition, reflect of the unique Tra-dition), for the access to the Kingdom.


Why do you seem to be so obsessed with constantly changing nicknames, what does anonymity mean to you?

Anonymity is Life. Life is Mystery. Mystery is Creation. “Art of Music” is a part of this Creation (according to the Orphic tradition): Being can’t name being. Only what is behind the names, the colours, and the forms (in short, the sensual world…) counts for the true Artist!

What’s the story behind the Invasion Planète Recordings label, what was its goal or purpose?

Invasion Planète Recordings is an accident. “Accident”, this word is near of “Occident”. We all need to go to this direction: Occident… before going to the Eternal Orient! It was my necessary work: Alchemical “Oeuvre au noir”…


What were you doing between 2005 and 2010, when you seemingly disappeared, was it something of importance?

Yes, it was and still IS. I stopped everything! I said “goodbye” to my old world, to the “Invasion Planète” friends…They couldn’t understand. It was the Calling for me! I knew I will not come back to them. They were sad… Not me, because all this situation was so natural… and powerful! It was the time to leave, to die… to definitively “go”. I was… 33 years old! I joined my real brotherhood (family). And we went on “la route des étoiles”: Way of St James, Compostella. And I learned… I learned to LOVE! Love is the only heroical road to the Kingdom! A key to meet the real “God” and “his angels”. And people thought I turned crazy… If people were less oriented toward the exterior things, if they studied our great Christic tradition (not “catholic”, I voluntarily say: “Christic” according to the Greek tradition) instead of being “mental”, they will understand what is the sense of ” a new testimony”, they easily will understand what I am talking about, and what is the Tra-dition of every things on Earth… But as we say in France: “il n’y a que les initiés qui comprennent” and “il ne faut pas donner des perles aux pourceaux”!

I lived (and still live) far away from the decadent people and their big Babylon cities, far away from the phantasms of their ignorance, far away from the Judas’ sons… But actually, I admit, the dangerous Judas’ kiss is, for me, a sweet honey! I laugh.


How did it happen that you started doing a “neofolk” thing (Shiny Black Matter) with its wide occult and hermetic background?

I always loved folk music! My maternal grandfather did it, simply… with harmonica. I like blues very much, too! With no instruments, black people can do incredible things! Absolute minimal music, expression of their suffering soul… a testimony. Quintessence de l’Art!

I can say my first “oriented folk” works were for La Séduction Des Innocents but also for the remix of “My pretty girl” of the Actor (80’s band) I did with my brother V-Y (Swesor Bhrater):

Shiny Black Mater (“Mater” with one T, meaning “Mother” in Latin) is about my alchemical part… And each tracks is very powerful for those who can understand what is the “black Mater” which we have to love, to know… and to transmute before our physical death in this life: “Cantique des cantiques”!

Bruta Non Calculant sounds obviously different from the music that you created in the past. What does this project mean to you?

This project is the result of 10 years of my life… “Bruta Non Calculant” is a Latin expression. It means “the raw stone is as beautiful as the diamond”: when you are the Beast (with conscious, Light), you are the Best (in hermetism, words are never hazardous)… Bruta Non Calculant is an assumed popular project for enlightened minds…or not! No matter (ehe! …no more “matter” at the end)! Bruta Non Calculant is all that I am… and maybe what WE are. It’s universal. Body and Mind transported by the Spirit found in the Unique Instant of Creation… Instinctive music with several ranges, levels of listening and understanding.


You published the track “Wo Rauch ist, ist auch Feuer” shortly after the tragic event in France with Charlie Hebdo. Are you interested in current politics? And if so, what is your attitude?

Yes, I confess. Sometimes, I am still reactive (scoria from my “first matter”). Nobody’s perfect! These events are totally scheduled by the “mondialist leaders”, the “internationale clique”, of ourse! I hate the current societies! Tradition is not respected. And they (those who know the rules, masonry, governmental sects, etc…) use the natural cyclic laws for their own profit. No one is over me (“me”, here, is not the expression of my ego but must be understood as “I”). No one is over Knowledge. Knowledge is for everyone. Knowledge is everybody. When I saw all these political, intellectual, philosophical problems around the world generated by some “men in black”… I saw always the same people behind! THEY HAVE NO LEGITIMACY! Their reign is OVER.

I perfectly know the secret rules behind the appearances of this world… And it’s a shame: a group of animal-humans uses them against the rest of the creation. It’s not a revelation! Right or left… they are the same bandits! They did it for millenniums! I am totally a-politic! Politic is for the ignorant. The only one I respect and follow is the KING, my Father… Actually, the Jewish politic is behind all the mondialist acts… I am against this “old expression of God”! I repeat they have no legitimacy, right now!

Sentimentality and the emotions are the pathologies of the chaos!

Occult and spiritual themes – are they just an aesthetic frame for your art, or are you living under some “principles” and/or using some special practices?

Aesthetic is not important. This word is a synonym of “mental calculation”. “Beauty” is the word. Beauty is the expression of the Order, expression of Harmony, expression of God: “the Architect of the Universe”. “Occult themes” means nothing… “Occult”, “esoteric” are words meaning :”hidden”. What is “hidden”, in your mind? We can’t practice “occultism” or “esoterism”! It’s a false road! All these things are “philosophy”, no more. We can’t practice “meta-physique”… because “meta-physical” is what we are living, each instant! We just can participate in “the flow”, with a strong knowledge of the symbols around to get, years after years, the perfect vision of the cyclic laws manifested! The Ancients created runes, ogham, some specific “charged” languages etc… to trans-late (trans-put) the flow in the matter! A kind of Recall for the others! The real Druid, the Shaman (not new age!), the Mason, the Rosi-crucian etc… did their “trans-lation” of the “divine anifestation” by compassion for the mankind. They are intermediaries between the world of the dead and the world of light, between Moon and Sun, Hell and Paradise… The only practice is: LOVE, always! And it’s a really a strong work! The rest is for the Judas’ sons who sell their soul…

What do you think about the occult knowledge and the interest in the hidden side of existence revived by the Internet in the modern world? Is there any chance for magicians today?

Knowledge is everywhere for those who know! But only an enlightened conscious can say that! There is no interest for me in the Internet! Virtual is not real. “Speculative” is not “Operative”! The Internet is a good thing as a tool of communication (its first “military” function, by the way), no more… The Internet is also a good way to trade miscellaneous ideas concerning art, for example, or… to prepare a good meal!!!

Being a magician means nothing! Do you know Simon’s story, in the Bible? He was a magician.

What music are you listening to these days?

Some of my favorite artists still turning on my turntable: Sieben, MoonDog, Swesor Bhrater, Werkraum, Johnny Cash, Andrew King, Jim Morrison, Death in June, Nathaniel Robin Mann, John Carpenter, Kraftwerk…

Do you feel like a part of some movement and if so, in which direction does it move?

No. Except the movement of my wild soul in her forest! Music that combines industrial, neofolk, minimal analog electro-nics, mainly recorded live, without midi?.. I am alone in this way. And this is our last direction >

What are your personal and creative plans for the future?

The new Bruta Non Calculant’s album is ready. It is titled “INSTINCT”. It will be available in May 2015. It will be produced by Sieben and Black House’s label: Dark Vinyl (Germany). It will be a pure piece of art, 14 tracks, CD digipack, 3 panels, limited to 300, with original paintings from one of my French friends: Armel Jullien > I will release the Swesor Bhrater’s debut album on my new label: Hiératique records. And after the Russian performances, I will immediately go to my “San France Disko Studio” to prepare the Hütte’s debut album.


What names from Russia are important to you?

Russia gave me some signs, and some names in time! I could say I am strongly linked to the artist Nicolas Roerich (revealed to me in 2005) and to the book titled: “The Way of a Pilgrim”… My wife Katja has a great interest in the Russian painters such as: Ilya Repine, Nikolaï Gay, Ivan Kramskoï… (She counts on the Arcto Promo team to lead us to the Tretiakov gallery, during our stay in Moscow!) She is a painter: Arcto Promo is an important name too ! Arthur/Artus and his twelve knights, Christ and his twelve disciples, “the great bear” turning around “Artos”… the Arcto represent the Star, the Nordic one! The only one: AXIS MUNDI.
Joining the Axis the day of Easter 2015, it’s a good symbol… efficient for everyone!

Do you believe in the end of the world?

And you? Golgotha and its mysteries…