Carcer Delendus Est

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Congratulations with the moment of Passage, dear MAGREB.

In this ancient holiday, very first one for our young project, we are happy to share with you this compilation – ten songs of power.

Carcer Delendus Est was created with the help of our favourite musicians from various places on the planet, who recorded these tracks exclusively for compilation.

It is time to break the chains of mental boxes and release free your pure manifestation of the Will, shining and overcoming all obstacles on its Way.

It’s a tale about the light that came down into the valley ov death.

It came down like an arrow and pierced the materia, like a spy, hiding in the coils of the Great Time Serpent. Light descended into the world to find something that could reflect it, some “souls” that could remember its true nature and return home.

Descended Light spent aeons here, waiting and searching for its sons. The process is almost done.

It is time to return to our true homeland.

Let’s destroy this Carcer together and never come back!

31/12/2015 e.v.
Cover Art by Lex Gorloff
Special THANKS to Vitaliy Lugachev and Alexey Tegin for their help of making this compilation.



01. CORPS – 25-12-2015
02. Cisfinitum – Houston, we have a problem
03. Six Dead Bulgarians – Future In The Past
04. Homo Sum, Humani Nihil A Me Alienum Puto – Temporis filia veritas
05. Reutoff – Mater Suspiriorum
06. Ingramma – Next Station: Hell
07. AINOMA – Facades Of The Reality (MXI version)
08. Venenifer – Them
09. Hütte – Loin De Moi
10. Phurpa – 05-12-2015